A report from Deloitte suggests that the age of mass personalisation is upon us. A boost for all those 3D printing companies, who have already taken on a significant chunk of the burden. Read more


Tried to reach the big crowd — consumers — with your online 3D print platform lately? Recent research from Berenshot suggests you may need to reassess how you meet their needs. Read more

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In perhaps one of the most surprising mainstream moves into 3D printing yet. ebay have launched an app on the iOS store that allows users to customise all manner of products to be then 3D printed. Read more


The Belgian 3D Printing service are hoping to make it big in Japan as they launch a Japanese language version of their site. Read more


Jonas Neubert, a graduate of Hod Lipson's Cornell class, has created an extensive 3D printing price comparison website. Read more


German-based SEM Manager Sebastian Karpp has launched the most extensive ready to 3D print models search engine yet. Read more


3D Printing: Purchasing Power at your Fingertips

So where can you peruse — and easily purchase — these marvelous 3D printed consumer products I am talking about? This latest post will point you in the right direction. Read more

2 Aug 2012 08:56 Guest Column

It might not keep you hands particularly warm but then that's not the point of this crazy but cool 3D printed phone glove! Read more