SpaceX's Dragon Capsule has landed in the Pacific Ocean carrying amongst its 1600kg of cargo the Made In Space parts 3D printed in the microgravity glovebox more

20 Feb 2015 15:14 News



Young people are being asked to submit their designs for tools that can be 3D printed and used in space. more

24 Sep 2014 16:57 News

NASA is set to launch first zero-gravity 3D printer into space on the next International Space Station resupply mission. more

4 Sep 2014 15:31 News

The 3D Printer that will be printing components and tools on-board the ISS has now been given the all clear by NASA and is pencilled in for an August 2014 delivery. more

13 Jun 2014 15:44 PERSONALIZE

Elon Musk displays the future of design and manufacture in a video uploaded to the SpaceX YouTube. He uses gesture technology plus 3D Printing to make a rocket part. more

6 Sep 2013 14:48 PERSONALIZE

Moon Robots


SinterHab, a collaboration between researchers at NASA and the International Space University have produced a design study outlining the possibilities of solar powered robots 3D printing a base on the Moon's South Pole. more

6 Mar 2013 12:50 PERSONALIZE