So far we've only attempted smaller prints on the Formlabs Form 1, today we decided to tackle perhaps the most famous manmade structure on earth. more

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Leo the maker prince

Carla Diana

As 3D printing technology continues to push into education Carla Diana has created a book which she believes will start kids off on the right 3D printed foot. more

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Dan Toth has produced a video of all the 3D printed gifts he'll be giving to his family and friends this holiday season more

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A couple of weeks ago we set the Cube off against the UP! printing the same file, the Cube came out on top but could the UP! bounce back this week? more

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After a week off #ThingiThursday is back this week with a customised cookie cutter, designed on thingiverse printed on an UP! more

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Having spoken with Stratasys and MakerBot management in depth for the last issue, this announcement still caught me off balance. 3D printing acquisition number 28,926 open for discussion... more

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Review: Creatr by Leapfrog Part II

Deepak Mehta (Aka @deeeep) reviewed the Creatr 3D printer by Leapfrog for us not long after he purchased it. Here he tells us how it is performing a year down the line. more

11 Apr 2013 14:42 Guest Column



Amazing Low Fi High Tech Headphones from design studio j.c.karich available on Thingiverse. Using only 3D printing parts, some copper wire and magnets you can make your own fully functional headphones. more

11 Apr 2013 11:00 PERSONALIZE

Working Low Fi High Tech headphones, the majority of which was 3D printed. Designed and produced by j.c.karich, available to download on Thingiverse. more

11 Apr 2013 10:30 Videos

German-based SEM Manager Sebastian Karpp has launched the most extensive ready to 3D print models search engine yet. more

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Apple have a sneaky habit of changing their charging connectors, in this article we explore how 3D printing could solve the problems these changes cause. more

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MakerBot Hackathon


MakerBot have announced their first annual Hackathon, a chance for upcoming developers to showcase their expertise in the quest for the next MakerBot app. more

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