Laura speaks with Simon Fried, Co-founder of Nano Dimension about how the Israeli 3D printed electronics company is changing the role of PCBs. more

23 Jun 2016 14:52 News 1 Comments


Nano Dimension

3D printed electronics developer, Nano Dimension, announces collaboration with Tel Aviv University to enable 3D Printing of sensors using nickel nanoparticles more

24 Feb 2016 16:29 News

We catch up with Voxel8 a year on at CES to get an update on the world's first 3D electronics printer and take a look at some functional prints coming off the machine. more

13 Jan 2016 11:00 CES 2016

Optomec LENS component repair

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GE Ventures and Autodesk expand historical collaborations with Optomec for the advancement of Optomec's proprietary technologies for printing electronics and metals. more

2 Dec 2015 17:00 News

Kate Black: A Foundation For The Future Of AM

TCT guest columnist Dr. Kate Black on the importance of getting the main planks in place to make the most of additive manufacturing. more

15 Sep 2015 16:32 Guest Column

Creator of the world’s first multi-material 3D electronics printer, secures Series A round of financing to advance core technology for the mass customisation of electronics. more

24 Jul 2015 13:52 News

What happened when Jabil tried 3D Printing a handset cover at its antenna on the same machine?

Girish Wable, a technology expert from the world's third largest contract manufacturer, Jabil has written a blog exclusively for TCT on the company's attempts to additively manufacture a smartphone and its antennae. more

18 Jun 2015 17:10 Guest Column

The Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Research Group (3DPRG) at The University of Nottingham launches 3D printing research lab with £2.7 million of world-first, bespoke additive manufacturing equipment. more

15 Jun 2015 16:59 News

Elena Polyakova, founder and COO of Graphene 3D Lab talks to TCT about conductive 3D printing with graphene filament for complex applications. more

8 Jun 2015 17:03 News

World's first multi-material 3D electronics printer from Voxel8 secures strategic investment and technology development deal with In-Q-Tel. more

5 Mar 2015 15:23 News

Kickstarter campaign smashes Kickstarter goal for desktop machine that allows makers to print prototype circuit boards from the workbench. more

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Graphene 3D Lab.

Graphene 3D Lab enters partnership with ZeGo Robotics to develop 3D printer for proprietary graphene-based nanocomposite 3D printing materials. more

20 Feb 2015 15:09 News

Optomec LENS component repair

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Optomec enters 2015 with six months worth of orders for industrial 3D printing systems and reports profits for the second half of 2014. more

18 Feb 2015 09:44 News

Optomec partners with Ceradrop to be exclusive representative of Aerosol Jet technology in France. more

6 Feb 2015 10:09 News

Graphene 3D Lab reveals progress in 3D printed graphene battery. more

24 Oct 2014 15:41 News

Optomec announces the availability of its latest 3D printer the Aerosol Jet 5X system with the ability to print antennas, sensors and circuits. more

5 Sep 2014 10:29 News

Graphene 3D Lab files provisional patent for 3D printed batteries in the US. more

3 Sep 2014 15:09 News

German company Neotech AMT releases 5 Axis Light Beam Sintering Platform targeting advanced 3D Printed Electronics more

21 Jul 2014 16:54 News

Las Vegas Strip

By EconomicOldenburger, via Wikimedia Commons

International CES's TCT + Personalize-sponsored 3D Printing Marketplace is set to be twice the size of 2014's inaugural 3D Printing Techzone, reflecting the ongoing demand for consumer 3D printing technology. more

18 Jun 2014 10:55 TCT Events

The CEA is inviting everybody from technology start-ups to global brands to attend CES Unveiled in Warsaw this month. more

5 Jun 2014 08:53 TCT Events

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