An investment of over £20m, the largest single investment in metal Additive Manufacturing in the UK to date, has provided a new 3D printing centre of excellence in Halton. more

24 Oct 2016 14:07 News

Editor, Daniel O'Connor reports on how storage solutions leader Verbatim is keeping tight control on its 3D printing filaments. more

4 Oct 2016 10:01 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

There's something of a Spanish Armada being built in the NEC this week, Editor, Dan O'Connor takes a look at some of the Iberian 3D printing companies exhibiting at TCT Show + Personalize 2016. more

TCT Show + Personalize UK

The Italian additive manufacturing specialist has added a sixth material to its WINDFORM family of composite materials. more

22 Sep 2016 09:58 News

Lightweight metals specialist Alcoa to develop optimised metal powders for aerospace at its new 3D printing metal powder production plant. more

7 Jul 2016 10:05 News

Following their debut at CES, NinjaTek announces the global release of its Cheetah and Armadillo high-performance 3D printing materials. more

29 Jun 2016 14:06 News

Covestro 3D Printing


One of the world's largest polymer companies is working with partners to develop materials for a range of common 3D printing processes. more

28 Jun 2016 10:26 News

Markforged breaks new ground with Onyx material embedded with carbon micro-fibres promising high-performance prints with finished quality. more

24 Jun 2016 15:23 News 1 Comments

New website from Nexeo Solutions brings exclusive online access to Arnitel ID and Novamid ID 3D printing filaments developed by DSM. more

14 Jun 2016 12:04 News

Hexcel has made a strategic investment in Oxford Performance Materials to expand commercial application of additive manufacturing in aerospace. more

8 Jun 2016 10:39 News

Digital dentistry with Dental SG, reformulated resins and its first ever acquisition, Formlabs talks to TCT at RAPID. more

18 May 2016 14:23 RAPID 2016

Taulman Guideline


High strength PETG based material reported to allow printing of finer details launched by taulman3D, aimed at those in the medical and clinical 3D Printing community seeking ISO 10993 class of 3D Printing material more

17 May 2016 12:00

Shapeways adds new Black High Definition Acrylate material ideal for miniatures and high detail products. more

12 Apr 2016 08:56 News

During AMUG 2016 EnvisionTEC discussed some of their upcoming releases with TCT including the new PolyPro MAX 3SP resin. more

8 Apr 2016 11:00 News

Somos reports success in alpha testing phase for new 3SP series material and moves in beta mode. more

5 Apr 2016 21:56 News

Laura speaks to Cooksongold about how its using lessons learned in the jewellery industry to open up possibilities in coin-making. more

3 Mar 2016 11:55 News


Roland DG

Roland DG completes range of monoFab resins for ARM-10 desktop 3D printer with two new materials, PRR35-OP and PRH35-ST2. more

2 Mar 2016 14:09 News

3D printing start up launches Porcelite resin on Kickstarter to bring ceramic DLP 3D printing to the market. more

16 Feb 2016 16:06 News

Using its BlackMagic3D online filament store Graphene 3D Lab have launched its Ferro-Magnetic-PLA - an iron PLA composite filament. more

19 Jan 2016 16:49 News

Ultrasound 3D Printing

Matt Sutton, Tom Llewellyn-Jones and Bruce Drinkwater © 2016

A new technique developed at the University of Bristol shows how, by hacking off-the-shelf 3D printers, smart materials with reinforcements can be 3D printed by ultrasonically arranging microstructures. more

19 Jan 2016 10:08 News

Proto Labs White Paper
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