US manufacturer, VistaTek LLC introduces SelfEco LLC, an independent manufacturing company producing biocompostable plant-based plastics for the food service industry. more »

27 Mar 2015 09:44 News

TCT commented just how good the packaging of the BEETHEFIRST 3D printer was when we reviewed it, new information reveals why it's so darn good. more »

11 Dec 2014 14:39 PERSONALIZE

Company demonstrates additive manufacturing of fully functional plastic parts. more »

28 Nov 2014 11:26 News

3T RPD celebrates growth in business after reaching milestone. more »

22 Oct 2014 15:41 News

3D-Reprinter recycles home waste plastic into 3D printing filament. more »

15 Sep 2014 13:58 News

The 3D printer which simply uses pellets instead of filament has launched their crowdfunding campaign. more »

20 Aug 2014 17:05 PERSONALIZE

AIN Plastics operates over twelve warehouse locations and 13 sales offices in the US, and combines their 40+ years of plastics experience with value added processing services, customised inventory solutions, and experienced customer support. more »

24 Mar 2014 12:14

3D Drucker Filaments

3D Drucker Filaments

A new 3D printing industry report indicates the materials side of the market is set to experience CAGR growth of nearly 20 per cent between now and 2018. more »

12 Feb 2014 12:14 News



EOS will present its current systems and solutions in the plastics sector for diverse industrial applications, and in the metals arena, for tool making using injection moulding. Also present on the EOS Stand E23 in Hall 2. more »

17 Oct 2013 13:30 News

BREAKING: Reports just in show what looks to be a 3D printer launch from Germany-based injection moulding giants, Arburg. more »

15 Oct 2013 16:39 News

Stock plates from iglidur reduces waste and cost and are available in an FDA-approved material suitable for medical and food applications. more »

10 Oct 2013 10:44 News

The international trade fair for mouldmaking and tooling, design and application development's Thermoforming Center will showcase forward-looking technologies for diverse sectors of the industry. more »

7 Oct 2013 10:40 News

TTP's 'breakthrough' Vista 3D printing head is the first of its kind with multi-material capabilities. Technology TTP claims could revolutionise the manufacturing industry in 10 years. more »

4 Sep 2013 15:20 News

3T RPD has secured major Government financing for a number of additive manufacturing R&D projects. more »

23 Aug 2013 09:26 News

3T has launched a new online guide to finishing plastic additive manufacturing parts on its website. more »

12 Aug 2013 11:58 News

New hub designed to play host to companies at every end of the supply chain, including producers of raw materials, manufacturers of machinery and equipment for every major process, as well as distributors and agents, consultant services and more more »

24 Jan 2013 10:32 Services

Ecological compatibility, high technical performance and low manufacturing costs are the main attributes of two new powder materials introduced by EOS. more »

18 Jan 2013 15:02 News