3D PDF Publisher and Publish 3D plugins help anyone view, mark-up and share 3D CAD data. more »

6 Aug 2014 14:42 Software

Majenta PLM has teamed up with Physical Digital to help bring design and manufacturing into the 3D world seamlessly. TCT Magazine spoke exclusively to Majenta MD Mark Parry about the partnership. more »

2 May 2014 15:02 Software

The Cloud. A nebulous concept represented by a nebulous entity. When it comes to PLM 'on the cloud', there's plenty out there, but how do you decide if it's for you and how you get started? Read on... more »

18 Feb 2014 12:31 Software

Dassault Systémes has announced it is acquiring a majority stake in Realtime Technology, further extending its 3D software reach. more »

10 Dec 2013 16:56 Software

EOS dental crown


The 3D printing and additive manufacturing materials marketplace will be worth more than $600 million by 2025, according to a new report. more »

30 Oct 2013 12:05 News

ITC Infotech’s implementation of Product Lifecycle Management software creates seamless supply chains to get clothing lines on the shelves in record time more »

7 Oct 2013 15:12 Software

The latest release of PTC Windchill reduces effort needed to comply with new FDA and SEC regulations and enhances integration with PTC Integrity. more »

4 Oct 2013 11:16 Software

Omnify Software has announced that it is expanding its reach in the UK and Europe with partner Saros. more »

17 Jul 2013 09:55 Software

This was TCT Magazine's first time at Siemens PLM Connection and Rose Brooke reveals what she and the people she met there thought of the major industry event. more »

26 Jun 2013 15:09 Software

Pre-configured solution from PTC delivers industry best practices and rapid deployment services. more »

13 Jun 2013 15:04 Software 1 Comments

PTC's Kevin Asbridge talks about making a good business case for a PLM implementation by highlighting how value can be added across the development lifecycle. more »

17 Sep 2012 13:55 Software

The CAD/CAM business has been an alphabet soup since Noah was a boy, but when PLM came along most people breathed a sigh of relief in that this single acronym seemed to embrace all the others. more »

9 Jul 2012 17:22