Laser Lines to bring the Stratasys J750 full-colour 3D printer and SLM 280HL selective laser melting system to TCT Show. more »

23 Sep 2016 15:40 TCT Show + Personalize UK

SAP opens up distributed manufacturing initiative to co-innovation customers and partners. more »

20 Sep 2016 16:28 Services

Stratasys multi-colour, multi-material 3D printing technology appears on the runway once again with New York designer. more »

15 Sep 2016 14:24 PERSONALIZE

Editor Daniel O'Connor takles a look at how KUKA's robotic arm technology is enhancing the additive manufacturing experience at IMTS 2016. more »

14 Sep 2016 18:45 News

New Manufacturing Aids Package will help users get a head-start in creating custom manufacturing tools. more »

14 Sep 2016 09:44 News

Assistant Editor, Laura Griffiths reports on a trip to Stratasys’ HQ in Minneapolis where the additive manufacturing pioneer demonstrated how it’s shaping the future of FDM. more »

9 Sep 2016 10:12 Laura Griffiths' Blog

Olli outside Local Motors HQ

Local Motors

There's always talk about the future applications of additive manufacturing for the automotive industry but Editor, Daniel O’Connor takes a look how automakers are deploying 3D printing tech in the here and now. more »

24 Aug 2016 17:06 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

Stratasys unveils future of FDM 3D printing with the Infinite-Build and Robotic Composite "3D Demonstrators". more »

24 Aug 2016 09:14 News

De Beers Technologies has installed two Stratasys 3D printers at its diamond R&D centre in Maidenhead, UK. more »

10 Aug 2016 16:11 News

Stratasys and Stratasys Direct Manufacturing launch industry first to boost 3D printing adoption in small and large manufacturers. more »

29 Jul 2016 15:49 Services

3D printed submarine and world's largest 3D printed drone to demo optimised product development on Stratasys' TCT booth. more »

19 Jul 2016 11:25 TCT Show + Personalize UK

Editor, Daniel O’Connor looks at how one woman’s quest for sporting gold at Rio 2016 could open up a world of customised prosthesis for victims of war. more »

11 Jul 2016 15:40 News

Learn how 3D printed molds can cut turnaround time for your injection molded prototypes. We will discuss when 3D printed molds are a best fit, material selection and customer stories, as well as process limitations and tips for successful molding. more »

30 Jun 2016 11:07 Webinars

The Japanese automaker is to deliver on mass-customisation vision with Effect Skins 3D printing project. more »

20 Jun 2016 16:46 News

After 15 years in the industry, Stratasys has announced that its Chief Executive Officer, David Reis is to retire this month with Ilan Levin to take up the role in July. more »

2 Jun 2016 15:26 News

Jon Stevenson of Stratasys talks us through GrabCAD Print, the company’s new software which makes it easier for engineers across the globe to 3D print. The new cloud-based platform allows mechanical engineers to 3D print directly from a CAD file. more »

18 May 2016 21:30 RAPID 2016 1 Comments

Assistant Editor, Laura Griffiths, reports on her trip to Otterbox HQ in Colorado to get a first-hand look at Stratasys' new J750 3D printer. more »

3 May 2016 10:00 Laura Griffiths' Blog

Whether you're already a Stratasys user or are thinking of taking a step into the world of 3D printing discover what's possible with Stratasys 3D printing from the head of the materials team in this eye-opening session. more »

28 Apr 2016 15:21 Webinars

Stratasys to advance use of 3D printing for a variety of medical applications in new partnership with New York-based Jacobs Institute. more »

27 Apr 2016 09:47 News

Assistant Editor, Laura Griffiths, speaks to the co-founder of one of the largest 3D printing service providers in the U.S. about super-fast product development and partnerships. more »

11 Apr 2016 12:31 News