TCT @ International CES 2014

TCT @ CES LogoTCT Magazine + Personalize is pleased to announce the confirmed list of speakers for the 'Don't Believe the Hype? - 3D Printing Uncovered' conference track that will run at International CES 2014.

Below is the confirmed line up of speakers at the conference as well as proposed timings. As you can see, we don't have much time and we're trying to get as much in as we possibly can! The speakers will be available either on their own booth (where appropriate) or on the TCT Magazine + Personalize booth after the conference so you can speak to them directly too.

Full details of the exhibitors in the 3D Printing TechZone can be found on the CES website HERE. Alternatively, you can now download the TCT app for your iOS or Android device and get the latest issue for free — which contains a review of TCT Show + Personalize and a preview of International CES.

Running Order

KEYNOTE SESSION 0900–0930 — One of the leaders of the industry kicks off the conference with an overview of how 3D printing will impact on everything from aerospace to toys, from medicine to jewellery. 3D Systems' Avi Reichental is singularly placed to deliver this exciting 30,000ft view.

SUPER USERS SESSION 0930–1055 — How are 3D printing technologies being deployed in the real world today, and what are the hopes for the future? Four speakers will give us perspective from the electronics industry, the film industry and the apparel industry — all lead by the industry's foremost analyst and consultant, Todd Grimm.

CONSUMER ACCESS SESSION 1055-1200 — This session explores how consumers can access the greatest range of 3D printing technologies today, through the web and through traditional retail channels. 





Duncan Wood, TCT



Avi Reichental, 3D Systems

"Manufacturing the Future"


Jim Woodcock, TCT



Todd Grimm, T. A. Grimm Associates

Realistically Enthusiastic about 3D printing


Jason Lopes, Legacy Effects

Filmmaking, props


Alan Guyan, Under Armour

Apparel, wearable tech


Paul Brody, IBM                                 

Consumer electronics industry


Dan O'Connor, TCT



Clément Moreau, Sculpteo

Consumer access via the web


Conor MacCormack, Mcor

Consumer access via retail

For more information keep an eye on the CES News section of and on the @theTCTMagazine Twitter stream in the coming weeks.