3D Printer Review

Is 3D printing really as easy as "plug and print"? Laura puts the CEL Robox 3D printer to the test. more

1 Jul 2015 14:14 Laura Griffiths' Blog

Dan gets his hands on the 3D Systems Cube 3 desktop consumer 3D printer for the first time, read his first look review. more

18 Dec 2014 15:17 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

A newbies blog review of the TCT Show: Printers, prototypes and lots of pasties. more

8 Oct 2014 16:23 Laura Griffiths' Blog

The BEEVERYCREATIVE is now standalone as a 3D Printer so we print Disney's Frozen comedy character Olaf without having to keep the laptop plugged in. more

29 Jul 2014 12:43 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

We're reviewing BEEVERYCREATIVE's 3D printer the BEETHEFIRST over the course of the next eight weeks, here's what we thought of the machine on its first outing. more

2 Jul 2014 14:56 PERSONALIZE

The app, which is available on iOS devices allows users to easily create models and export them to your 3D printer. Dan attempted to do just that! more

29 May 2014 17:17 PERSONALIZE

We've tried a variety of plastic extruding 3D printers so it was exciting to get hands on with the first desktop stereolithography machine. Read the review. more

25 Mar 2014 11:32 PERSONALIZE

Daniel O'Connor gets his hands on a 3D printer for the first time, read his review of the Leapfrog Creatr as a 3D printing newbie right here. more

8 May 2013 12:00 PERSONALIZE

Review: Creatr by Leapfrog Part II

Deepak Mehta (Aka @deeeep) reviewed the Creatr 3D printer by Leapfrog for us not long after he purchased it. Here he tells us how it is performing a year down the line. more

11 Apr 2013 14:42 Guest Column

Review: Leapfrog Creatr by Leapfrog

Deepak Mehta (Aka @deeeep) has taken the plunge and bought a Creatr from Leapfrog. Want to know what it's like to live with? Here are Deepak's initial findings... more

5 Jul 2012 14:55 Guest Column