3D Printing Materials

ESUN expands materials market to North America. more

20 Oct 2014 10:11 News

Windkraftanlagen Dänemark gross

Dirk Goldhahn

Scientists have developed a 3D-printing material that mimics balsa wood in their search for lightweight materials for wind turbine blades. more

1 Jul 2014 16:33 News

Esun has launched a 3D printing filament especially designed to clean the nozzle and prevent material blockages. more

16 Jun 2014 15:43 News

Stratasys has made multi-material, multi-colour 3D printing with the Objet500 Connex3 even more realistic thanks to an extended range of materials. more

12 Jun 2014 16:46 News

ExOne has launched its newest metal 3D printing material, Inconel Alloy 625, a durable, nickel-based alloy idea for extreme environments. more

9 May 2014 10:31 News

Windform 3D printing materials have played a "critical" role in producing a satellite that is currently orbiting earth. more

6 May 2014 14:08 News

Concept Laser

Credit: Concept Laser

Concept Laser's Dr Florian Bechmann reports on trends and increased quality requirements in using additive technologies in industrial manufacturing. more

10 Apr 2014 15:50 News

Graphite ore

By Daniel Schwen, via Wikimedia Commons

Specialists in graphene Grafoid and Dr Hani Henein of Altamat have signed an agreement to bring MesoGraf into the industrial 3D printing market. more

4 Apr 2014 15:56 News

Neri Oxman has unveiled her Gemini chaise longue, a unique piece made using Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 multi-material 3D printing technology and traditional techniques. more

27 Mar 2014 15:59 News

Foot X-ray

By Hamelin de Guettelet, via Wikimedia Commons

America Makes and ExOne are supporting key research into using additive manufacturing in regenerative medicine. more

27 Mar 2014 12:21 News

Apollo 13 Lunar Module

By NASA, via Wikimedia Commons

An astronaut has put the usefulness of 3D printing in space into perspective by asking what would have happened if there was a 3D printer on board Apollo 13. more

26 Mar 2014 16:43 News

3D Systems has unveiled its latest delicious 3D printing offering at CES 2014, the kitchen-ready ChefJet. more

7 Jan 2014 18:08 TCT Events

Fripp Design and Research has announced the imminent release of Picsima, a so-called landmark development in 3D printing technology in the prostheses arena. more

19 Nov 2013 11:19 News

EOS dental crown


The 3D printing and additive manufacturing materials marketplace will be worth more than $600 million by 2025, according to a new report. more

30 Oct 2013 12:05 News