3D Printed food

Dan sinks his teeth into 3D printed food at TCT Asia to see whether the taste can overcome the scepticism. more

14 Mar 2015 05:21 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

Which 3D Printing company does Dan think will scoop the Best of CES award for Best Maker-Technology? He predicts the outcome in this article. more

9 Jan 2015 01:28 TCT Events

3Dventures launch worlds first confectionary based 3D printer on Kickstarter. more

20 Aug 2014 17:09 News

Natick researchers are working with additive manufacturing to produce 3D printed food on demand for soldiers. more

4 Aug 2014 14:22 News

The idea of 3D printing food is no longer such a far fetched idea. Another foodstuff 3D Printer has arrived courtesy of Dovetailed, a Uk based design and innovation lab. more

27 May 2014 14:58 PERSONALIZE

Naturally, Natural Machines have chosen Kickstarter to launch the device, which they hope will change food prep forever. more

28 Mar 2014 15:43 PERSONALIZE

Brothers Javier and Sergio Torres with their edible 3D Printed logo


The brothers behind the Dos Cielos restaurant in Barcelona have ordered a food 3D Printer from Natural Machines to create "crazy ideas". more

14 Feb 2014 15:45 PERSONALIZE

Two new food 3D Printers launched at CES 2014, but why is printing foodstuffs so important to the technology? more

17 Jan 2014 12:17 PERSONALIZE

3D Printing food seems to be somewhat of a holy grail in the industry. This Barcelona-based startup thinks they have the answer. more

2 Dec 2013 16:24 PERSONALIZE

3D Printing and space travel is all the rage, here's how 3D printing could have you living on the moon in next to no time. more

14 Oct 2013 15:57 PERSONALIZE


The Sugar Lab

We've seen a whole host of materials used for 3D printing on Personalize but this is the best use of a foodstuff so far. more

5 Jul 2013 14:50 PERSONALIZE