3D printed jewellery

Colours, patterns and cultural inspirations. We give you our top picks from Italian jewellery designer, Francesca Paolin's 3D printed jewellery collection. more

11 May 2015 15:30 PERSONALIZE


Superfit Inc.

Superfit Inc. incorporates 3D printing to produce bespoke rings with exclusive speciality hinge. more

25 Feb 2015 10:10 PERSONALIZE

Our most local and vocal speaker is the Birmingham City University School of Jewellery's Frank Cooper with a fascinating talk on how that industry is preparing for the shift 3D printing of precious metals brings. more

18 Dec 2014 17:15 News

Polychemy launches interactive site for customisable 3D printed jewellery. more

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FabMe/Bryan Ward

Melissa B. is an American recording artist whose love for technology brought her to some 3D printed jewellery for her latest shoot. more

28 Feb 2014 11:58 PERSONALIZE

A new Kickstarter campaign is aiming to launch a collection of biogenesis jewellery based on microscopic photography of human chromosomes. more

10 Feb 2014 17:11 PERSONALIZE

The presence of 3D printed jewellery is every increasing as demonstrated by top jewellery store American Pearl's growing popularity. more

27 Dec 2013 10:00 PERSONALIZE

Yvonne van Zummeren's Dysign label have released their new collection of stunning jewellery. The Russian Collection is dedicate to 900 years of Russian Art. more

6 Dec 2013 15:39 PERSONALIZE

Kinematics System

Nervous System

Nervous System have created a new system, which could revolutionise the way we look at bigger 3D printable objects. By creating a series of interlocking patters they're able to get big builds into a smaller build envelope. more

26 Nov 2013 20:14 PERSONALIZE

The 3D printing service Shapeways have partnered with the luxury department store to offer two of their best selling 3D printed product. more

1 Nov 2013 12:23 PERSONALIZE

A new website launches, which aims to bring together the creme of the crop in 3D printing fashion and design. more

21 Oct 2013 11:50 PERSONALIZE

Shapeways Brass Material


The online giants of 3D printing are branching out in October, not just into two new materials but an exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York. more

17 Oct 2013 16:16 PERSONALIZE

We grabbed some time with the Sculpteo CEO to discuss how 3D printing can mean mass-production of unique items and how Sculpteo are making it easy for us all to become creators. more

9 Oct 2013 16:08 PERSONALIZE

FabMe Jewelry


FabMe Jewelry have just launched the crowd-funding campaign for their 3D printed collection. We talked to co-founder Wesley Günter. more

16 Aug 2013 17:47 PERSONALIZE

Next up in our series on TCT Show + Personalize speakers is designer Yvonne van Zummeren whose designs have become synonymous for the 3D printing jewellery movement. more

24 Jul 2013 00:00 events



Pirate3D aren't the only 3D printing firm to come out of Singapore as PolyChemy launch their line of bespoke jewellery. more

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Printable Geek

As the jewellery industry giants gear up to adopt 3D printing into their manufacturing process, 3D printing has allowed market stall jewellers like Carmel Reilly can get their product to market even quicker. more

17 May 2013 16:00 PERSONALIZE

London Fashion

Fashion Space Gallery

The London College of Fashion will be hosting an exhibition of 3D printed fashion over this next month, complete with MakerBot Replicator 2 running off jewellery and a material library by Shapeways. more

10 Apr 2013 11:00 events

Materialise TPU 92A-1


Materialise, the Belgian 3D printing service, have launched their latest highly flexible printable material TPU 92A-1, a hard plastic and soft silicone hybrid. more

15 Mar 2013 10:51 PERSONALIZE

Nu Bracelet

Invisible Light Network

3D printing jewellery is nothing new but how about this, 3D printing a bracelet that is spawned by the variances of your favourite piece of music? Ladies and gents may we present Invisible Light Network with Nu. more

14 Mar 2013 15:59 PERSONALIZE