3d printing as a service

3D Hubs maps of their printers

3D Hubs

The platform which connects those with and those without 3D printers has made its latest announcement, which contains some staggering statistics. more

5 Jun 2014 15:11 PERSONALIZE

In perhaps one of the most surprising mainstream moves into 3D printing yet. ebay have launched an app on the iOS store that allows users to customise all manner of products to be then 3D printed. more

12 Jul 2013 18:22 PERSONALIZE

Opposite Lock

Huntsville-Al Opposite Lock

3D Printing parts for cars has been the reserve of the super rich like Jay Leno, until now that is. A blogger on the site Opposite Lock shows us how he replaced his headlight controls. more

9 Apr 2013 14:34 PERSONALIZE

Jay Leno shows us how he uses 3D scanning and printing to replace parts for his vintage car collection. He is joined by GeoMagic's Ping Fu. more

9 Apr 2013 14:34 Videos

The quest to become the Airbnb of 3D printing just got real as makexyz launch their 3D printer matchmaking service in 16 more countries. more

8 Apr 2013 16:50 PERSONALIZE

One of the world's largest online Robotic retailers have launched a 3D printing service to compliment their already extensive 3D printer shop. more

28 Mar 2013 15:24 PERSONALIZE

The Timing Was Off — Stratasys & HP Part Ways

In January 2010, the 3D printing world got excited when Stratasys announced a definitive agreement with HP whereby Stratasys would develop and manufacture an exclusive line of 3D printers for HP. It wasn't to be, but why? more

14 Aug 2012 08:19 Guest Column