3D printing car parts

Car Key

Ryan Weaving, Google Plus

Ryan Weaving, a member of Google Plus' 3D Printing Community took a snub from a locksmith as a challenge and 3D printed his own Mini Cooper key. more

26 Apr 2013 10:00 PERSONALIZE 1 Comments

Opposite Lock

Huntsville-Al Opposite Lock

3D Printing parts for cars has been the reserve of the super rich like Jay Leno, until now that is. A blogger on the site Opposite Lock shows us how he replaced his headlight controls. more

9 Apr 2013 14:34 PERSONALIZE

Jay Leno shows us how he uses 3D scanning and printing to replace parts for his vintage car collection. He is joined by GeoMagic's Ping Fu. more

9 Apr 2013 14:34 Videos