Comparing two very different 3D printed models of Barcelona's most famous landmark Editor, Daniel O'Connor ponders which the great Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi would have preferred. more

17 Oct 2016 17:27 PERSONALIZE

World's first 3D printing pen has undergone a complete revamp and repeating its initial Kickstarter success with $900,000 in pledges. more

14 Jan 2015 15:24 PERSONALIZE

Which 3D Printing company does Dan think will scoop the Best of CES award for Best Maker-Technology? He predicts the outcome in this article. more

9 Jan 2015 01:28 TCT Events

The 3Doodler has reached sales of 100,000 pens in just 11 months and is about to launch a new range of accessories and plastics. more

5 Sep 2014 16:07 News

There's been a slew of 3D printers appearing on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in the last couple of weeks. We take a look at some of them and speak to the people who know crowdfunding. more

27 Aug 2014 14:01 PERSONALIZE

This is a 3D printing pen with a difference - CreoPop doesn't melt plastic it cures non-toxic photopolymers with a UV light. more

6 Jun 2014 15:49 PERSONALIZE

A fresh report has claimed that companies must harness the interest of the wider public if consumer 3D printing is going to succeed. more

22 Apr 2014 12:23 News

The Lixpen


The Lixpen certainly looks the part but can it challenge 3Doodler's 3D printing pen crown? And now there's a video showing it in action... more

10 Apr 2014 16:19 PERSONALIZE

The world's first 3D printing pen is now available in Maplin stores and online in the UK. more

9 Apr 2014 18:55 PERSONALIZE

Dan spent some time with the 3D printing pen at CES 2014 and discovered how far this kickstarter project has come in such little time. more

22 Jan 2014 16:29 PERSONALIZE

3Doodler announces retail and accessories news at CES, world’s biggest consumer tech tradeshow. more

7 Jan 2014 15:00 TCT Events

It's Christmas Eve and for the novelty, here's a twist on a classic yuletide rhyme with a (you guessed it) 3D printing theme. Merry Christmas, guys! more

24 Dec 2013 12:00 Guest Blogs 1 Comments

2013 was the year Kickstarter seeped into the public consciousness, CNN have produced a report that contains 4 3D related projects. more

20 Dec 2013 15:07 PERSONALIZE

The 3Doodler might be the most consumer electronic on display at the 3D Printing TechZone at International CES 2014. We can expect a huge show from them. more

29 Nov 2013 11:07 TCT Events

Three of Britain's most famous high street chains have entered the 3D printing market recently but Daniel O'Connor ponders whether they're forays are genuine investment or mere marketing follies. more

17 Oct 2013 16:17 PERSONALIZE

A fake 3D Printing Pen hits the markets in China, so we got in touch with 3Doodler to find out what they thought. more

8 Aug 2013 20:13 PERSONALIZE

3Doodler Eiffel


Alternative funding has already led to successes in 3D printing such as iMakr and the Form 1 3D printer, and now the CBI wants more businesses to consider lateral financial thinking. more

22 May 2013 11:08 News 2 Comments

Does the industry need a single umbrella term? And if so, should it be 3D printing or additive manufacturing? The trouble is, what the industry thinks and what outsiders think are very different. more

12 Apr 2013 12:15 News 3 Comments

PhD student Tim Elmore has created an filament extruder to turn inexpensive ABS pellets into filament for your 3D printer. more

28 Mar 2013 16:24 PERSONALIZE



HEre's another Kickstarter 3D printing project well on its way to being funded the Gigabot, 3D printing on a huge scale. more

11 Mar 2013 12:40 PERSONALIZE