3DP Unlimited

John Good from 3D Platform, on how the large scale 3D printing platform is taking advantage of open market capabilities for materials, software and hardware. more

5 Oct 2015 11:59 formnext powered by tct

3DP Unlimited takes advantage of open market philosophy with evolution into 3D Platform. more

23 Sep 2015 11:04 News

The american large scaled 3D printer manufacturer has printed a full-sized model of one of their employees to showcase the printer's size, speed, affordability and reliability. more

4 Aug 2015 12:28

3DP Unlimited gives small business the opportunity to start 3D printing large-scale with a new lease partnership that offers the 3DP1000 printer for under $400 a month. more

29 Apr 2015 10:15 News

Ever seen a huge bowl of plastic fruit, a giant Frankenstein’s monster head and a scale 3D printed wheel trim at a trade show? We take a look at what it takes to get these impressive pieces finished to perfection. more

7 Apr 2015 16:46 Services

The 3D Printing Marketplace at the 2015 International CES doubled in size this year as over 40 companies competed to show off the best of what's new in the industry. Laura reports live from the showfloor. more

22 Jan 2015 14:10 podcast

3DP Unlimited made a splash with the introduction of their huge 1m x 1m x 0.5m build volume machine. TCT's Laura Griffiths talks to John Good on the show floor at the 2015 International CES. more

6 Jan 2015 23:09 TCT Events

3DP Unlimited showcase large format 3D printing at this year's TCT Show and talk the benefits of open source. more

1 Oct 2014 13:30 News

3DP Unlimited will demonstrate industrial strength large format 3D printing with the 3DP1000 at this year’s TCT Show. more

15 Sep 2014 09:22