Deputy Group Editor, Laura Griffiths reports on a trip to Lyon where a number of native 3D printing companies were showcasing their "made in France" stamped technologies. more

15 Jun 2017 16:15 Laura Griffiths' Blog

Exhibitors already occupying around 70 per cent of previous year’s space, with numerous global market leaders returning or joining in. more

16 Mar 2016 14:02 formnext powered by tct

Dan took a whirlwind tour around the TCT + Personalize Asia 2016 show floor to see what is new and snapped away at some of the things that impressed him the most. Take a look at the gallery here. more

11 Mar 2016 15:32 News

Last September we captured the first frantic day of stand building on the trusty GoPro perched above the show floor. Take a look at how the tradeshow is built from empty hall to full of stands. more

23 Feb 2016 15:14 News

A new exhibition in Manchester, UK aims to educate the general public on the real applications of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. more

16 Dec 2014 14:36 News

German market leaders present innovations for greater precision and cost effectiveness in specialist fields. more

31 Oct 2014 14:28 Euromold News

All the best photos from this year's record breaking TCT Show + Personalize. more

27 Oct 2014 17:02

On the same weekend echoes of the big bang, which created the universe were found, budding scientists were left awe struck at the 3D Printing stand at Big Bang Fair. more

20 Mar 2014 12:05 PERSONALIZE

Makerbot Factory


MakerBot have partnered with the Museum of Design Atlanta as part of an exhibit celebrating everyday things and how they will be printed in the future. more

25 Feb 2014 17:22 PERSONALIZE

Refugees are a forgotten about community in South Korea, Cheil and the Seoul Museum of Art are attempting to change that with an excellent exhibition. more

21 Feb 2014 16:07 PERSONALIZE

Dutch 3D printers Leapfrog are recreating The Forbidden City for an exhibit on the Ming Dynasty by setting up two 3D printers to print each and everyone of the 980 buildings. more

19 Nov 2013 18:00 PERSONALIZE

Shapeways Brass Material


The online giants of 3D printing are branching out in October, not just into two new materials but an exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York. more

17 Oct 2013 16:16 PERSONALIZE

The TCT and Personalize team headed off down to the capital to embark on our partnership with CEA and International CES. The partnership got off to a flying start, find out more

2 Oct 2013 17:13 events

Digits 2 Widgets

Digits 2 Widgets

Digits 2 Widgets are running a 3D printing exhibit as part of the festival and are giving you the chance to display your work. more

3 Aug 2013 14:51 PERSONALIZE



The Design Museum and the Science Museum are both host 3D printing exhibits in London this year. more

23 Jul 2013 18:14 PERSONALIZE

London Fashion

Fashion Space Gallery

The London College of Fashion will be hosting an exhibition of 3D printed fashion over this next month, complete with MakerBot Replicator 2 running off jewellery and a material library by Shapeways. more

10 Apr 2013 11:00 events

Inspire. Design. Make. The TCT Show + Personalize. The UK’s definitive and leading Additive Manufacturing, 3D printing and product development technology show for every level of interest from hackerspace to aerospace. more

14 Feb 2013 20:08 events

The organisers of TCT Show + Personalize, the UK’s definitive and leading Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing show, are calling for evangelists to present at the 2013 edition conference sessions. more

16 Dec 2012 19:16 events