Additive Layer Manufacturing

3D Systems' CRDM has announced a 30 month £1.25M program to develop Additive Layer Manufacturing. more

4 Sep 2014 10:35 News



VELOX has announced it is expanding its polymer powder range with the additive manufacturing marketplace in mind. more

31 Dec 2013 10:00 News

Alien vs Predator set

Snow Business

3T RPD's additive manufacturing technology has played a crucial role in helping Snow Business bring winter wonderlands to happy customers. more

23 Dec 2013 10:00 News

Titanium Oxide

By Walkerma at en.wikipedia, from Wikimedia Commons

Prof Iain Todd of the University of Sheffield along with his colleagues at the Mercury Centre and Metalysis have developed a system that makes titanium an affordable material when used in additive manufacturing. more

11 Dec 2013 13:03 News

IDC Models has launched an online quote and ordering system for its stereolithography 3D printing service. more

25 Nov 2013 12:00 News

High-performance additive manufacturing ceramic technology pioneer Lithoz demonstrates its intriguing developments at EuroMold. more

25 Nov 2013 10:15 Euromold News



EnvisionTEC in partnership with London-based dental experts have been developing additive manufacturing technology for dental applications. more

21 Nov 2013 17:08 News

Sciaky additive manufacturing

SciakyInc YouTube

Sciaky’s groundbreaking additive manufacturing technology and large- and small-scale EB welding chambers for producing large structures were on show at FABTECH. more

21 Nov 2013 10:57 News

Additive manufacturing pioneer Renishaw is showcasing its advanced manufacturing technologies at EuroMold. more

30 Oct 2013 10:10 Euromold News

SLM Solutions has expanded its management team to better support the additive manufacturing company's continued international growth. more

30 Oct 2013 09:24 News

CTO of 3D Systems Chuck Hull has been honoured with a prestigious award for his services to technology as the founding father of 3D printing. more

4 Oct 2013 15:03 News

LPE has launched its new line of Vacuum Casting materials, unveiling the range at TCT Show + Personalize. more

3 Oct 2013 14:01 News

3D printing and rapid prototyping company 3T RPD has announced new funding, expansion and recruitment developments. more

3 Oct 2013 10:23 News

Additive manufacturing's present and future are to be probed at TCT Show + Personalize by a man who's been instrumental in forming the technology's past - Greg Morris. more

12 Sep 2013 09:49

NAMII has announced its second call for additive manufacturing-applied research and development projects from members of the year-old organisation. more

30 Aug 2013 16:01 News

NASA rocket check

NASA/MSFC/David Olive

NASA has explored the limits of 3D printing with after testing a rocket engine, withstanding 20,000 lbs of thrust. more

28 Aug 2013 11:25 News

Few professionals have as much additive manufacturing experience as Graham Tromans. Rose Brooke spoke to the expert about his TCT Show + Personalize presentation. more

28 Aug 2013 10:00

Additive manufacturing plays a key role in the automotive industry. Dominik Rietzel of the BMW Group Rapid Technology Group will address its potential and limitations at TCT Show + Personalize. more

21 Aug 2013 09:42

Renishaw's Rapid Manufacturing Manger Jeremy Pullin has a reputation for being brutally honest about the additive manufacturing industry. Rose Brooke caught up with the TCT Show + Personalize speaker. more

14 Aug 2013 12:00

3T has launched a new online guide to finishing plastic additive manufacturing parts on its website. more

12 Aug 2013 11:58 News