3D printing titan Stratasys has successfully defended the validity of its patents for FDM 3D printing in a request made by Afinia. more

12 Jun 2015 15:45 News

3D printer manufacturer Stratasys has named Afinia as the defendant in a patent infringement lawsuit. more

25 Nov 2013 00:00 News

Did 3D Printing sink or swim through the tidal wave that is CES? Who were the winners? Who were the losers? And who would even try to do the show in just 24 hours?? more

15 Jan 2013 10:10 PERSONALIZE

Afinia has officially launched its H-Series 3D Printer which has been described as an ''Out of the box 3D printing experience'' ... Take a look for yourself and see! more

27 Jul 2012 14:59 PERSONALIZE