Renishaw Aeromet International

Aeromet/ Monty Rakusen

Renishaw and Aeromet International Ltd announce their partnership. more

9 Aug 2017 14:20 News

Mercedes Benz Trucks spare part

Daimler/ Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has seen the first metal 3D printed spare part pass all stages of its stringent quality assurance process. more

3 Aug 2017 16:00 News

Metal powder technology company, Metalysis has announced it will co-develop a high value aluminium-scandium alloy as part of a partnership with an unnamed international partner. more

18 May 2017 10:35 News

FIT AG Caterpillar


Combining Caterpillar’s expertise in machinery manufacturing and engineering, with FIT AG’s knowledge of additive manufacturing, the new partners will look to take advantage of the benefits of AM specifically in the heavy manufacturing space. more

14 Mar 2017 15:06 News

Metal additive manufacturing expert Sintavia has developed a process for producing additive aluminium F357 parts for the aerospace and automotive industries. more

17 Jan 2017 09:54 News

High-strength aluminium powder developed at Airbus APWorks produces twice as strong parts by metal laser melting. more

28 Apr 2015 10:13 News

Evolution of existing multi-part bracket to ALM concept for Airbus Defence and Space's Eurostar spacecraft_Copyright Airbus Defence and Space Ltd 2015.jpg

Airbus Defence and Space Ltd

Airbus Defence and Space optimises components for new Eurostar E3000 satellite platforms using 3D printing as part of a programme to introduce components that cannot be created using conventional manufacturing methods. more

19 Mar 2015 10:55 News

Materialise introduces metal 3D printing to industrial service offering with aluminium alloy material option. more

4 Mar 2015 10:21 News

RUAG Space redesigns optimised antenna support for an Earth observation satellite. more

30 Oct 2014 13:44 News

NASA Goddard/Jason Budinoff

NASA Goddard/Jason Budinoff

NASA engineer is set to produce first space cameras to be made entirely from 3D printed parts. more

7 Aug 2014 10:19 News

A research team at the Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing at the University of Exeter has presented a method of producing aluminium composite parts through SLM. more

13 Jul 2012 11:15 News