Amanda Boxtel

At the opening ceremony of this year's World Cup a young paraplegic will step up and kick the first ball. Dan finds out how and gets his ThingiThursday on in celebration. more

12 Jun 2014 16:12 PERSONALIZE

Amanda Boxtel was paralysed in a skiing accident at 24 years old, she was told she'd never walk again. Fast forward 22 years and Amanda is walking thanks in no small part to the 3D printed parts in her exoskeleton. more

20 Feb 2014 11:36 PERSONALIZE

Amanda Boxtel

Amanda Boxtel in an Ekso-Suit made using 3D Systems' technology.

3D Systems' 3D printing technology has given paraplegic Amanda Boxtel the power to walk tall in a 3D-pinted Ekso-Suit. more

19 Feb 2014 12:20 News