Sorry about that headline, Editor, Daniel O’Connor couldn’t resist thanks to the news that South Park and Source3 have teamed up to offer a series of unique collectables. more

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If you happen to have a copy of the latest edition of TCT you'll see a double page spread on our pick of 3D printed gifts. For those of you that prefer a digital experience here's the personalize printing press in pixels. more

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New Amazon store features supplies from over 50 3D printing companies including 3D Systems and XYZ Printing. more

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A report from Deloitte suggests that the age of mass personalisation is upon us. A boost for all those 3D printing companies, who have already taken on a significant chunk of the burden. more

27 Jul 2015 17:12 News

3D Printed Ryu


Source3 launch officially Capcom Licensed 3D Printed cover art for the latest edition of world's most popular beat-em-up video game, Street Fighter V at International Comic-Con in San Diego. more

9 Jul 2015 15:06 News

As the online retail giant launches its new 3D printing section with a host of MixeeLab goodies we ask what this means for Shapeways and Co. more

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The presence of 3D printed jewellery is every increasing as demonstrated by top jewellery store American Pearl's growing popularity. more

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Leo the maker prince

Carla Diana

As 3D printing technology continues to push into education Carla Diana has created a book which she believes will start kids off on the right 3D printed foot. more

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Harvey Norman is to offer both an in-store 3D printing service and the MakerBot Replicator 2. more

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As Maplin announce a 3D printer available in store and on-line Daniel O'Connor ponders whether 3D printing has finally arrived. more

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After Amazon announced it was getting into 3D printing it was only a matter of time before the rest of the retail giants jumped on the bandwagon, first to do so is Tesco. more

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MakerBot have announced that they will now be selling their 3D printers directly on's new 3D Printing store. Becoming the first of the 3D printing big hitters to do so. more

17 Jun 2013 11:51 PERSONALIZE

Amazon enters the 3D printing arena by offering products via its new 3D printing ecommerce store. more

13 Jun 2013 16:54 News

The internet retail giants have launched a dedicated 3D printing section complete with printers, parts, accessories and materials. Is this the start of something bigger? more

10 Jun 2013 11:00 PERSONALIZE

The internet is filling up with MakerBot acquisition rumours and four companies have come to the fore the possible dealmakers. Will the Wall Street Journal's report prove unfounded, or will Bre Pettis be making an announcement in the coming days? more

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