British Government has pledged £780m of extra funding for high tech labs, including high value manufacturing organisations, such as the MTC and AMRC. more


University of Sheffield's AMRC showcase helps innovative manufacturing company make a tough investment decision. more


Engineers from the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing are using digital measuring techniques to help archaeologists preserve historically important sites from the Middle Ages. more


Team at University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre to develop additive manufacturing machine capable of producing plastic parts as fast and as cheaply as injection moulding. more

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University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre invests in loom to uncover "dark arts" behind electrical conductive carbon fibres. more


UAV team at University of Sheffield present latest developments in 'flying wing' project. more


The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Centre have acquired a new grinder to smooth 3D printed parts to a suitable surface quality to be used in artificial joints. more


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The future of UK additive manufacturing could benefit from a £290 million cash boost announced by the Government. more