Cat tongue 3D.png

Alexis Noel, et al

A researcher from Georgia Tech has conducted an in-depth study into cat tongues using a 3D-printed model at 400% scale. Alexis Noel decided to explore the ‘spines’ she noticed on her cat’s tongue while trying to separate it from the blanket. more

22 Nov 2016 16:47 News

UK-based implant specialist, Osteogen has produced an ulnar implant for dogs using Proto Labs 3D printing to mimic the structure of bone tissue. more

1 Nov 2016 10:26 News

Animal rescue team at Dalyan Iztuzu Pamukkale University, Sea Turtle Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre help wounded sea turtle with a new 3D printed beak implant. more

15 Jun 2015 09:41 News

Guyson International installs combination of finishing solutions at Liverpool based 3D printed implant startup, Fusion Implants. more

12 May 2015 10:10 News