Head of Content, Dan O'Connor muses on the joys of 3D printing applications on display during the first two days of TCT Show. Read more

Daniel O'Connor's Blog

'Now is the time to take your additive manufacturing applications to the next level'

Todd Grimm is pleasantly surprised by the progress of some companies in AM in his latest TCT column. Read more

6 Sep 2019 10:00 The Todd Grimm Column

XJet has opened its Additive Manufacturing Center to accelerate the development of applications and materials compatible with the company's NanoParticle Jetting technology. Read more


Trends: Scouring Recent News for Ongoing Patterns

Todd Grimm's latest column takes a looks the trends that have pervaded the 3D printing and additive manufacturing news over the past twelve months. Read more

5 Apr 2018 11:01 The Todd Grimm Column

3D Systems at CES


In a move away from what will be possible in the future 3D Systems showcase a host of real-world applications from a vast array of 3D printing machinery at the Las Vegas show. Read more


At TCT Show + Personalize 2014 we've curated a selection of wonderful 3D prints and put them on display at our own show floor gallery. Read more

Nick Foley's 3D Printable Lens Mechanism

Nick Foley, Sociable Bicycles

A resourceful Thingiverse member has not only discovered that his Ultimaker can print a new material but that said material is perfect for adapting old lenses to new cameras. Read more