The 3D printing artist turns to Kickstarter to help get a brand new type of 3D printer he has invented off the ground. more

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With the new Uformit platform users are now able to create a customisable Josh Harker mask based on their own facial dimensions. more

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Lola Lely's Convivial Spoons

Channel 4

Royal College of Art graduate Lola Lely took her 3D Printed spoons on to television to try to sell to some of Britain's most renowned art dealers. We caught up with the designer after her appearance to find out how the spoons were made. more

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Nickolay Lamm of

Research artist Nickolay Lamm is challenging the traditional Barbie's strange proportions by 3D printing a model of what a normal barbie would/should look like. We spoke to Nickolay to find out more. more

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Josh Harker

Joshua Harker

Rose Brooke caught up with the practitioner to quiz him on his love of the medium and what people can expect from him at this year more

9 May 2013 11:00 events