The metal 3D printing company has announced it is taking its high precision binder jetting technology to the next level by launching a fully automated “no-hand” concept. more


Jim Lawton, COO at Rethink Robotics, discusses the importance and challenges of deploying cobots and advanced automation in manufacturing. more


EOS M 300-4


EOS has launched the M 300-4 system, a multi laser metal 3D printing system designed for digital industrial additive manufacturing, at the IMTS show in Chicago, IL. more


The first pilot plant to stem from Premium Aerotec, Daimler and EOS’ series additive manufacturing-centred collaboration has been put into operation and features extensive automation. more


AMFG has made available a new Holistic Build Analysis tool for its automation additive manufacturing software to enable users to instantly estimate how full a machine build is without nesting. more


Star Rapid factory floor

Star Rapid

TCT speaks to David Hunter as he settles into his role as CEO of Star Rapid, a company looking to pioneer lean manufacturing processes in China. more


Bowman International bearings.

Bowman International

Bowman International is set to strengthen its additive manufacturing division by taking on AMFG’s AI-powered automation software to enhance end-part production. more


The International Manufacturing Technology Show is set to exhibit the latest advancements in automation including collaborative robots and mobility. more


AMFG_Printability Analysis


RP Platform announces the launch of an automation AM software as it completes a brand name change to AMFG. more


AU 2018 Anagnost keynote


At Autodesk University London 2018, the software company championed an automated future and, in collaboration with its partners, explained how users of its products can make it a reality. more

Sam Davies' Blog

Autodesk cuts ribbon on centre featuring subtractive and additive manufacturing (AM) alongside robotics to "solve world's most advanced high value manufacturing challenges". more


TCT talks to Marco Schmid, CEO of Coobx during the world premiere of its LIFT technology and production lines at TCT Show 2017. more

TCT Show

TCT speaks to Made In Space President, Andrew Rush after the company released two teaser videos of spacecraft demonstrating its Archinaut 3D printing and assembly technology. more


Liechtenstein-based Coobx has followed up last month’s release of Exigo, with the launch of LIFTcell production lines, which will support the company’s flagship 3D printer series. more


BorgiForm, an emerging family business headquartered in eastern Westphalia, Germany, has taken advantage of German RepRap 3D printing technology to reduce costs. more


Voodoo Manufacturing Project Skywalker

Voodoo Manufacturing

Voodoo Manufacturing has announced the completion of Project Skywalker, a fully functional robot-operated 3D printer cluster. Automating labour intensive processes, Voodoo expects the system to reduce costs by 90% over the next five years. more


Editor Daniel O'Connor takles a look at how KUKA's robotic arm technology is enhancing the additive manufacturing experience at IMTS 2016. more

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