Barack Obama

Three overlapping fossils

The Smithsonian Institute

Only 1% of the 137 million objects in The Smithsonian Institute's collection is viewable by the public — but a new digitisation programme could put and end to that, as Dan O'Connor investigates. Read more

Daniel O'Connor's Blog

Obama Bust


To celebrate the first ever White House Maker Faire and the burgeoning maker movement, the Smithsonian Institute have scanned and printed President Barack Obama. Read more


Capitol Hill

By Gunasekar, via Wikimedia Commons.

Washington DC is set to welcome the third edition of 3D/DC, a 3D printing event that highlights the potential for the technology at the heart of American democracy, hosted by Public Knowledge. Read more


Zack Schildhorn Square

Lux Capital

Another key business leader has added his voice to the chorus that 3D printing could change everything. Read more


Does the industry need a single umbrella term? And if so, should it be 3D printing or additive manufacturing? The trouble is, what the industry thinks and what outsiders think are very different. Read more

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By Hsing Wei, via Wikimedia Commons

Solid Prototype claims to be the first company to offer a next-day delivery 3D printing service. Read more