3D-printed mammal teeth

UMass Amherst/Andrew Conith

A team of scientists have proved the ability for teeth to damage prey is the most significant factor in the evolution of their shaping, using 3D-printed replicas of 200-million-year-old mammal teeth. Polymers that mimic insect prey were also used. more

14 Nov 2016 15:11 News

Ongoing collaboration between designer Neri Oxman and Stratasys unveils world’s first wearable combining multi-material additive manufacturing and synthetic biology. more

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mycoplasma model Z650.jpg

Masaru Kawakami

3D printing has leached into every industry and now Japanese scientists have used the technology to make molecular models. more

23 May 2013 09:21 , PERSONALIZE

Users can feel how a part of the heavy chain of the antibody gets into the pocket of the receptor, and clamps the receptor in an inactive conformational state.This model can be separated into three parts to access the ligand-binding site. more

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