3D Systems has announced a bioprinting agreement with United Therapeutics which will see the two companies develop solid-organ scaffolds for human transplants with 3D printing. more

26 Apr 2017 15:47 News

UC3M bioprinter skin printing

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

A team of Spanish researchers from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) has used 3D printing technology to produce artificial skin that can be used in transplants on burn patients. more

25 Jan 2017 15:29 News

Cellink Bio X Bioprinter


Cellink has launched the BIO X printer to its range of bioprinters, which provides tissue engineers with both pneumatic and syringe extrusion technologies in one system. more

13 Jan 2017 14:51 News

Northeastern University’s Dept of Bioengineering are working on the advancement of 3D bioprinting which may revolutionise vascular disease treatment. Specifically, Associate Professor Guohao Dai is 3D bioprinting live tissue with vascular perfusion. more

18 Nov 2016 13:52 News


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

A team at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is successfully 3D bioprinting self-assembling blood vessels. more

7 Dec 2015 16:12 News

MakerBot and The Feinstein Institute have joined forces to combine 3D printing and medical research to create cartilage to repair tracheal damage. more

27 Jan 2015 09:49 News

3D stem cell printing

Heriot Watt University

Researchers at Heriot Watt University are developing 3D printing system that is delicate enough to create clusters of pluripotent stem cells. more

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