Deputy Group Editor, Laura Griffiths reflects on the Materialise's bi-annual conference in Brussels where talk of Research Co-creation and Development was central. more

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CEO of Rapid News Publications articulates why RAPID + TCT is worth the trip! more

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In his regular column 3D printing industry stalwart Todd Grimm discusses how businesses should look to justify a move to an additive manufacturing process. more

The Todd Grimm Column

Todd Grimm Column: Cutting through the Clutter

Longtime TCT columnist, Todd Grimm, provides his thoughts on questioning claims of uniqueness in the 3D printing industry and making educated decisions. more

22 Feb 2016 10:00 The Todd Grimm Column

... will all be posted in our CES news section. Ok, maybe not ALL but all the 3D printing news certainly will. Editor Dan O'Connor discusses what at CES 2016 he's looking forward to. more

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Todd Grimm Column: Critical Mass

TCT columnist Todd Grimm says the 3D printing industry has reached critical mass, moving beyond a novelty to a valuable industry. more

21 Sep 2015 15:35 The Todd Grimm Column

Laura went along to the everywoman Academy 2015 to find out how perspectives are changing in industry. more

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Todd Grimm Column: Speaking the Truth

TCT columnist and stalwart of the additive manufacturing industry, Todd Grimm talks about choosing to be honest when we don't know the answers and stopping the flow of misinformation. more

25 Jun 2015 12:26 The Todd Grimm Column 1 Comments

The Rise of Local Digital Manufacturing

Christopher Barnatt, futurist, keynote speaker and the author of 3D Printing: Second Edition is our featured guest columnist in the June issue of TCT. more

24 Jun 2015 16:55 Guest Column

New machines, materials and magazine. Laura Griffiths talks show highlights from day one at RAPID 2015. more

Laura Griffiths' Blog

TCT's Laura Griffiths went along to a Bright Minds class to see how children are engaging with 3D printing. more

Laura Griffiths' Blog

Following a training session with Creat3D, Laura Griffiths tackles the CubePro Trio, solo. more

Laura Griffiths' Blog

Laura Griffiths has her 3D printing credibility put to the test with a training session from CREAT3D. more

Laura Griffiths' Blog

Live updates from Manchester School of Art's 3D Printing For The Future event. more


A newbies blog review of the TCT Show: Printers, prototypes and lots of pasties. more

Laura Griffiths' Blog

Heading to TCT Show for the first time this year? Here's our guide to some of the key things to look out for. more

Laura Griffiths' Blog

Charging Bull

By Andrés Nieto Porras from Palma de Mallorca, España, via Wikimedia Commons

Rose Brooke hopes to demystify the world of market finance for the benefit of TCT readers. more

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