At formnext powered by TCT Daniel O'Connor met up with Natural Robotics to take a look at some of the parts it is managing to achieve with its 40W CO2 laser, almost unheard of power on the desktop. Read more

Daniel O'Connor's Blog

After weeks of rumours and a year or so of financial difficulty the Danish desktop 3D printer manufacturer confirms that it has finally filed for bankruptcy. Read more


The Danish 3D printer manufacturer has just launched a new line of its desktop powder-based machines. One of its primary targets is the doctor's surgery, where surgeons are able to 3D print medical models. Read more

TCT Conference @ Formnext

Danish 3D printer manufacturer, Blueprinter, launches next generation machine with less noise, clean lines and more power. Read more


John Burn is pleased to announce that it has added the innovative BluePrinter 3D printing technology to its impressive range at its Birmingham-based 3D print studio. Read more


First seen at Euromold last December the Blueprinter from Denmark is now nearing market release. Read more