Deputy Group Editor, Laura Griffiths headed to California to go behind the scenes at two of the busiest 3D printing bureaux in the U.S.. more

28 Mar 2017 12:09 Services

Dinsmore Inc. and Midwest Prototyping will become the newest service bureau partners to offer Carbon’s M1 machine and CLIP technology as part of their additive manufacturing services more

16 Aug 2016 14:00 News

A year after setting up one of the UK's leading 3D printing service bureaux we revisit 3D Print Bureau to find out how things are going. more

21 Jun 2016 08:51 Services 1 Comments

The 3D printing service provider has created a new finishing process that accentuates finer details and gives and injection moulded like finish to parts. more

18 May 2016 21:57 RAPID + TCT

TCT talks to leading UK 3D printing service providers to find out what it takes to build a successful bureau. more

15 Jul 2015 16:17 Services 1 Comments

Last week saw the launch of the Shed as part of MMU's Digital Innovation project. TCT went along to get first look inside the digital hub's very own 3D printing bureau. more

17 Feb 2015 11:35 News

Tried to reach the big crowd — consumers — with your online 3D print platform lately? Recent research from Berenshot suggests you may need to reassess how you meet their needs. more

13 Dec 2014 08:32 , , News

Service connects 250 3D printing service providers across Europe. more

25 Nov 2014 13:55 Euromold News

As more businesses invest in their own 3D printing machines, we ask some of the biggest service bureaus - is it time for a plan? more

14 Nov 2014 15:10 News

Southern California based bureau adds 5,500 sq. ft. expansion. more

23 Oct 2014 10:05 News

3D Systems have acquired Laser Reproductions further expanding its Quickparts custom parts operations. more

6 Aug 2014 17:04

The bureau, spawned out of Andrew Darwood's dental surgery,has come a long way since moving into their new Camden offices in June last year, so it was about time TCT paid them another visit. more

29 Jan 2014 14:14 News

Hobs Reprographics opens new studio in the North West, perhaps sparking a resurgence in industry in the famously industrial region. more

18 Nov 2013 12:27 News

3D Printing Ally

3D Printing Ally

A new service bureau willing to take on challenges both big and small has made its presence known in the growing 3D printing market. more

1 Nov 2013 15:16 Services

A 3D printing bureau have recreated the ghoulish mad scientist Dr Finkelstein using 3D scanning and printing. more

31 Oct 2013 11:00 PERSONALIZE

Direct metal laser sintering


A research initiative into service bureaus in the 3D printing industry has been launched by Econolyst. more

16 Sep 2013 16:06 News

Independence Day is fast approaching and Shapeways is ensuring no 3D printing enthusiast needs to be left out of the festivities. more

24 Jun 2013 15:48 News

Jonathan Rowley Digits2Widgets


Digits2Widgets wants to distance itself from the bureau and stoke a 3D printing community in Camden. TCT Magazine met the man at the helm Jonathan Rowley to learn more. more

17 May 2013 15:45 News