Tethon 3D, a developer of ceramic 3D printing materials, has launched a new photo-curing ceramic polymer resin for use in SLA and DLP printers. more

16 Jan 2018 11:36 News

On-demand manufacturing platform, Kwambio, to unveil its own Ceramo OneTM 3D printer in Las Vegas next week. more

3 Jan 2018 09:59 News 1 Comments

French 3D ceramic printing experts, 3DCeram has announced a partnership with a Chinese university, which will allow professors and students alike the opportunity to use the Ceramaker 900. more

26 Jun 2017 14:49 News

The Israel Innovation Authority has provided Nano Dimension Technologies with a budget to finance a 3D ceramic material/ space application project. more

15 Jun 2017 16:09 News

French 3D ceramic printing specialist, 3DCeram has announced a partnership with agreement with 3D Matters, a British additive manufacturing company. more

15 Jun 2017 10:26 News

Details of Ceramic Expo's complete Agenda on Wednesday 26th April, when the conference will focus solely on ceramics in additive manufacturing. more

23 Mar 2017 09:56 News

Advanced ceramics company, 3DCeram has renewed its partnership with the Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatment (SPCTS), signing a three-year collaboration agreement. more

8 Mar 2017 14:59 News

Two Engineering departments at Harvard University have collaborated with MIT to develop a new method to 3D-print materials with significant absorbency using a ceramic foam ink. more

7 Feb 2017 13:47 News

3D-printed electronics leader, Nano Dimension Technologies has received funding to launch a project focused on the 3D printing of advanced ceramic materials in inkjet technology. A budget of NIS 1.4 million, approximately $372,000, has been granted. more

6 Feb 2017 10:25 News

Ceramaker 100


Advanced ceramics manufacturer, 3DCeram has launched the Ceramaker 100 3D printer, the younger brother of its Ceramaker 900 machine, released in 2015. The Ceramkaer 100 offers the same features in a more compact and flexible unit. more

17 Jan 2017 10:46 News

New resin part of a range of experimental materials for the desktop stereolithography company. more

6 Jan 2017 22:21 CES

Prodways 3D printer


Groupe Gorge subsidiary, Prodways has recently announced two partnerships which will expand their presence in additive manufacturing. The relationships with Cerhum and Arkema will advance their knowledge of ceramics and polymers respectively. more

24 Nov 2016 10:24 News

A round-up of some of the latest ceramic 3D printing technologies on the formnext powered by tct show floor including Lithoz, Admatec, Roland DG and 3DCeram. more

23 Nov 2016 16:53 formnext powered by tct

Group Editor, Daniel O'Connor speaks to Johannes Homa, CEO and Co-founder at Lithoz about Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing technology and the importance of ceramics. more

22 Nov 2016 14:35 formnext powered by tct

Nanoparticle Jetting founder, Xjet showcases ceramic 3D printing capabilities for the first time at formnext powered by tct. more

21 Nov 2016 10:02 formnext powered by tct

Showcasing two of 3DCeram's 3D printing solutions at formnext 2016, CEO, Richard Gaignon, pauses to talk about the importance of ceramics in the additive manufacturing industry and why the materials are becoming so widely used. more

17 Nov 2016 12:02 formnext powered by tct

Wide-format inkjet printer manufacturer, Roland DG Corporation have been showcasing its new ceramic 3D printing technology at formnext. Here, Peter Kettle discusses the new printer and its potential. more

16 Nov 2016 14:24 formnext powered by tct

Wide-format inkjet printer manufacturer, Roland DG Corporation will be showcasing the potential of its new ceramic 3D printing technology using alumina powder at formnext. more

15 Nov 2016 10:48 formnext powered by tct

The Israeli 3D printing company's NanoParticle Jetting technology is set to make its European debut with new ceramic capabilities. more

8 Nov 2016 14:50 formnext powered by tct

Ceramics 3D printing company makes global debut at TCT Show with ADMAFLEX 130 3D printer. Michiel de Bruijcker, Managing Director tells TCT why this is so significant. more

28 Sep 2016 17:10 TCT Show