CES Unveiled

All the best pictures, quotes and news from the International CES preview event at the Westin Vendome Paris. more

TCT Events

In honour of CES Unveiled Paris and the excellent leFabShop designs on Thingiverse we've 3D printed the Eiffel Tower again... but with no support. more

Daniel O'Connor's Blog

The CEA is inviting everybody from technology start-ups to global brands to attend CES Unveiled in Warsaw this month. more

TCT Events

To celebrate the launch of our partnership with CES, Dan was tasked with designing and printing a 3D version of the CES logo. In his blog he details how he got on with the rather daunting task. more


The TCT and Personalize team headed off down to the capital to embark on our partnership with CEA and International CES. The partnership got off to a flying start, find out more