3D printed memes are taking over the internet, the 3D model marketplace CGTrader have picked the best of them. more

12 May 2014 11:22 PERSONALIZE

Nyan Cat

Sculpteo blog

CGTrader launches its new 3D-printed meme competition, inviting 3D designers to create a 3D-printed meme and then make it viral online for big prizes. more

11 Mar 2014 15:59 PERSONALIZE

If you're the forgetful sort or couldn't make it out to the shops to by a gift because of the weather, how about printing a gift right this second. Here's 5 of the best prints for you to download and print off. more

14 Feb 2014 13:01 PERSONALIZE

Valentine's Day heart


Both CGTrader and iMakr are running Valentine's Day based design competitions for those romantic 3D modellers out there. more

15 Jan 2014 21:13 PERSONALIZE

CGTrader has joined forces with 3D printing cloud marketplace Sculpteo, allowing users to print designs and access the "manufacturing revolution". more

19 Nov 2013 16:48 Services

Staples and CGTrader are giving one lucky design competition winner the chance to see their ideas 3D printed on an Mcor 3D printer. more

2 Oct 2013 16:49 News

3DPRINTUK'S Skateboard

3DPRINTUK/ Design by Sam Abbott

Sam Abbott sent his skateboard deck design off to the guys at 3DPRINTUK to print, it proved quite the challenge but if there's one thing they love at 3DPRINTUK it's a challenge. more

27 Aug 2013 16:55 PERSONALIZE



CGTrader announced the winners of their 3D printing competition this week, the models are quite amazing. more

17 Jul 2013 12:03 PERSONALIZE

The 3D model marketplace say that they are aiming to become the eBay of 3D models and already host over 10,000 3D printing models. more

11 Apr 2013 16:37 PERSONALIZE