Following a very successful 2014 edition, Inspired Minds returns to TCT Show + Personalize to provide schoolchildren with the opportunity to get real hands-on experience with 3D printing. more

20 Jul 2015 13:54 News

Blog: Huge potential for 3D printing in schools around the world

In this blog post Chris Elsworthy, CEO of CEL and creator of the Robox 3D printer, explains how 3D printers are becoming the perfect classroom companion. more

17 Jul 2015 15:41 Guest Column 2 Comments

Chinese 3D printing filament company eSUN partners with open source 3D printing project RepRap to deliver a new kit that will help children to get started with 3D printing. more

4 Jun 2015 09:37 News

Autodesk introduces free app to allow children to design custom figures optimised for 3D printing. more

18 Mar 2015 11:23 News

Renishaw set to exhibit at the Big Bang Fair to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists with the promise of 3D printing. more

25 Feb 2015 11:00 News

Providing free, professional tools is set to equip students with skills for future STEAM careers. more

2 Dec 2014 16:02 Software

MakerBot brings new Halloween themed characters to Sesame Street range. more

29 Oct 2014 16:42 PERSONALIZE

e-NABLE community gifts young boy with 3D printed elbow-driven e-NABLE arm. more

17 Oct 2014 15:09 News

3DPlusME invites fans to become their favourite Marvel characters. more

22 Sep 2014 13:49 News

The 3Doodler has reached sales of 100,000 pens in just 11 months and is about to launch a new range of accessories and plastics. more

5 Sep 2014 16:07 News

11 year old David Armstrong hopes to raise $4000 to kickstart his career in mechanical engineering. more

3 Sep 2014 13:59 PERSONALIZE

Materialise works with hand specialist Dr. Verstreken to improve the lives of children with complex forearm fractures. more

2 Sep 2014 16:28 News



Printcraft is a piece of code that turns Minecraft creations into 3D prints, opening up the 3D printing doors to millions of children across the world. We caught up with its inventor Paul Harter. more

19 Mar 2013 18:45 PERSONALIZE