Type A Machine and BriteLab strike manufacturing partnership for Series 1 3D printer

Type A Machines

Type A Machines' award-winning technology is in high demand, and Type A Machine's partnership with BriteLab will ensure the industrial-grade Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printer reaches locations it previously wouldn’t have. more


Conductive Graphene Filament will bring added functionality to large-scale smart tables and walls with 3D printed on-demand joysticks and styluses. more


Two of the biggest names in the 3D design and printing industries join forces to push towards a new industrial revolution. more


Solidworks' Mechanical Conceptual offering brings '3D manufacturing and 3D printing' to the top of the agenda once again. SWMC is the first offering to leverage the 3DExperience platform, bringing social and collaboration tools into play fully. more