The recently revealed Connex 1 and 2 machines from Stratasys were spoke about for the first time in the UK at TCT Show. more

3 Oct 2014 11:45 News

Stratasys highlights the benefits of newly launched Connex 1-2-3 multi-material 3D Printer family to Europe at this year's TCT Show. more

11 Sep 2014 11:37

Hollywood's most famous sci-fi law-enforcer has been brought to life for the 21st century thanks to Legacy Effects and Stratasys multi-material 3D printing. more

12 Jun 2014 10:40 News

In an announcement the industry has been waiting for, Stratasys unveiled a colour, multi-material 3D printer, the Objet500 Connex3, at SolidWorks World in San Diego. more

25 Jan 2014 01:00 News

Award-winning Japanese designer Yuima Nakazato, known for creating unique dresses for famed artists and celebrities, has created neo-futuristic sportswear with an Objet500 Connex multi-material 3D printer for his 2014 collection. more

30 Jul 2013 17:02 News

Regular readers of TCT will have seen Todd Grimm’s column (TCT 20/3; page 16) stating that there are ‘Eight Reasons to Keep Your Service Bureaux’. One of the places you would have found heads nodding in agreement is IPF Limited. We find out why... more

22 Aug 2012 15:48 Services 1 Comments

Uk-based Industrial Plastic Fabrications (IPF), a manufacturing services bureau, has recently installed a second Objet Connex500 multi-material 3D Printer to increase the capacity of its rapid prototyping service. more

4 Jul 2012 14:54 News