crowd funding

Why technology/design crowdfunding projects are extra risky

CEO and Co-founder of M3D, Michael Armani discusses why crowdfunding projects for new technology pose increased risk for businesses and backers. more

15 May 2017 14:34 Guest Column 1 Comments

A father from North Wales has launched a crowdfunding campaign to develop a new functional prosthetic technology inspired by his young son. more

1 Mar 2017 11:55 News

Indie Maher Soft

Maher Soft/ Indiegogo

Mumbai-based 3D printer manufacturer, Maher Soft has launched its latest desktop 3D printing system via an Indiegogo campaign. Indie is suitable for a variety of industries, as well as DIY enthusiasts, students and makers of all sensibilities. more

17 Jan 2017 13:32 News

In his blog Editor, Daniel O'Connor bemoans the lack of transparency that is often involved in backing a crowd funded 3D printing project. more

19 Aug 2016 14:59 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

ORD Solutions' Rova4D Full Color Blender printer has launched on Kickstarter and has a very simple solution for editing colour models and translating them into a printable file. more

1 Aug 2016 17:09 News

The Coolest Cooler raised $13.2 million on Kickstarter in just 30 days, the latest MakerBot story reveals how without 3D printing that may never have been possible. more

30 Jul 2015 12:34 News

3D printing add-on developed by Mosaic Manufacturing, The Palette to enable 3D printing in up to four materials on any FFF 3D printer. more

30 Apr 2015 10:43 News

TCT talks to Matt Gajkowski, founder of Tiko 3D about why low cost 3D printing could help to unlock some incredible ideas. more

21 Apr 2015 15:20 News

Design company 3D 2.0 begins crowdfunding campaign to bring handheld 3D printing finishing tool the Retouch3D to the market. more

31 Mar 2015 15:07 News

Rapide 3D takes to Indiegogo for a second campaign to launch the Rapide Lite 200XL – 400mm Desktop Plus 3D Printer with the world's largest desktop build height. more

6 Mar 2015 12:18 PERSONALIZE

Formlabs CEO Max on his company's quite incredible journey from crowdfunding campaign to 3D printing behemoth.  more

25 Feb 2015 17:16 TCT Events

Kickstarter campaign smashes Kickstarter goal for desktop machine that allows makers to print prototype circuit boards from the workbench. more

23 Feb 2015 13:18 PERSONALIZE

With well over a billion dollars so far pledged to Kickstarter campaigns by startups and innovators, Laura Griffiths asks why in the age of crowdfunding, people are no longer afraid to ask. more

12 Feb 2015 13:18 Laura Griffiths' Blog

Crowdfunding success story, New Matter, announces the close of Series A Funding round of $6.5M to accelerate development of its consumer 3D printer. more

11 Feb 2015 17:30 News

With 20 days to go, the Flux All-in-One surpasses Kickstarter goal to offer 3D printing, scanning and engraving in one machine. more

1 Dec 2014 14:51 PERSONALIZE

UK based Kora on how they successfully launched the Alpha 3D printer the old fashioned way. more

13 Oct 2014 11:46 News

Phantom claims to be the word's fastest plastic 3D printer with two individual extruders but with little evidence, people might need some convincing. more

17 Sep 2014 11:13 News

11 year old David Armstrong hopes to raise $4000 to kickstart his career in mechanical engineering. more

3 Sep 2014 13:59 PERSONALIZE

There's been a slew of 3D printers appearing on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in the last couple of weeks. We take a look at some of them and speak to the people who know crowdfunding. more

27 Aug 2014 14:01 PERSONALIZE

Daniel O'Connor is left feeling a little perplexed by another 3D printing crowdfunding campaign that others seem to embrace. more

5 Jun 2014 17:29 PERSONALIZE