Oventus Medical O2Vent

Oventus Medical

Australian sleep apnoea specialist, Oventus Medical opens a new 3D printing facility to help advance its research into solutions for snoring. Oventus will continue to work on its O2Vent device, which optimises the intake of air and reduces snoring. more

9 Dec 2016 14:42 News

Maker Place Pop Up Shop launches in Sydney to give community hands on experience with 3D printing and scanning. more

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Credit: CSIRO

Police in Queensland, Australia, are using 3D scanning technology to map out crime scenes in 3D using a Zebedee 3D scanner developed by CSIRO. more

14 Feb 2014 15:36 Imaging

Our with the old...


Researchers in Australia have 3D printed titanium horseshoes, which they say are half the weight of traditional horseshoes. more

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