Following a training session with Creat3D, Laura Griffiths tackles the CubePro Trio, solo. more

21 Nov 2014 15:27 Laura Griffiths' Blog

Laura Griffiths has her 3D printing credibility put to the test with a training session from CREAT3D. more

17 Nov 2014 15:10 Laura Griffiths' Blog

UK stationery retailer, Ryman trial new 3D printing service at two London stores and plan to start selling 3D products this August. more

31 Jul 2014 12:29 News

3D printing enthusiasts all over the world will be rewarded for their patience very soon, as 3D Systems announced the imminent arrival of the Cube 3 and CubePro. more

21 May 2014 12:24 News 1 Comments

Education is being made a priority yet again at TCT Show + Personalize 2014, with Black Country Atelier and 3D Systems partnering with TCT to bring 3D printing to over 500 schoolchildren. more

19 Mar 2014 09:18

3D Systems has chosen CES 2014 as the place to launch its new multi-material prosumer 3D printer, the CubePro. more

7 Jan 2014 04:11 TCT Events