The Yorkshire-based 3D printing division of cutwell become sole distributor of the popular Californian Airwolf 3D printers in both the UK and Ireland. more

7 Aug 2014 17:21 News

The BEEVERYCREATIVE is now standalone as a 3D Printer so we print Disney's Frozen comedy character Olaf without having to keep the laptop plugged in. more

29 Jul 2014 12:43 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

TCT Magazine paid a visit to Hawk3DProto in Yorkshire where 3D printing visionary Ben Hawksworth gave us a glimpse into his plans for the additive manufacturing project he has spun out of tooling solutions provider Cutwel. more

21 Jul 2014 10:00 News

We're reviewing BEEVERYCREATIVE's 3D printer the BEETHEFIRST over the course of the next eight weeks, here's what we thought of the machine on its first outing. more

2 Jul 2014 14:56 PERSONALIZE

Cutwel is celebrating the official launch of its rebranded 3D printing venture Hawk3DProto, setting the company's additive manufacturing arm apart from the established engineering tools supplier. more

4 Jun 2014 15:24 News

Stratasys Idea Series


Engineering industry stalwart Cutwel has launched its own service bureau, a fledgling operation with big ambitions. TCT Magazine spoke to 3D Printing and Metrology Manager Ben Hawksworth. more

7 May 2014 16:25 Services



BEEVERYCREATIVE has revealed that it has set up its first deal with US resellers, taking the BEETHEFIRST 3D printer to the US. more

26 Mar 2014 14:41 News



First appearing on the radar in late 2013, the smart, compact BEETHEFIRST 3D printer has been snapped up by long-established engineering tools supplier Cutwel as sole UK supplier. TCT spoke to Ben Hawksworth, 3D Printing and Metrology Manager. more

19 Mar 2014 09:59 News