Deepak, Dinesh Mehta

Certifying 3D Prints

Deepak Mehta and his son Ritik were faced with a problem when they tried to 3D print some eyewear designed by Ritik. The problem was the CE Mark and how they go about certifying their product. Read more

5 Aug 2015 13:00 Guest Column 1 Comments

Review: Creatr by Leapfrog Part II

Deepak Mehta (Aka @deeeep) reviewed the Creatr 3D printer by Leapfrog for us not long after he purchased it. Here he tells us how it is performing a year down the line. Read more

11 Apr 2013 14:42 Guest Column

Review: Leapfrog Creatr by Leapfrog

Deepak Mehta (Aka @deeeep) has taken the plunge and bought a Creatr from Leapfrog. Want to know what it's like to live with? Here are Deepak's initial findings... Read more

5 Jul 2012 14:55 Guest Column