GS Pro is looking to cure the selective laser sintering process waste issue with a proprietary remanufacturing process. more

20 Dec 2017 10:00 News

Digits2Widgets Red Nose Day


Digits2Widgets has 3D printed nine celebrity-inspired noses for Comic Relief's Red Nose Day. Traditionally, the people of the UK take part in a range of fundraising activities, including the wearing of red noses. more

24 Mar 2017 14:24 News

Digits2Widgets Museum London models


The 3D prints will be showcased in the permanent collection at the Design Museum London’s new home on Kensington High Street. Digits2Widgets were commissioned to print the models, originally designed by Pritzker Prize-winning, Zaha Hadid Architects. more

9 Dec 2016 12:00 News

Inspired by a nifty piece of 3D printing DIY on YouTube Editor, Dan O'Connor ponders whether there's still hope for the dream of a printer in every home. more

11 Oct 2016 17:25 Daniel O'Connor's Blog 4 Comments

Jewellery designer, Rebecca Wilkes tells TCT how exploiting the properties of SLS to create the beautiful "Floral Focus" collection. more

14 Sep 2016 15:29 PERSONALIZE

A remarkable tale of Josh Stephenson's battle with cancer and how his 3D printed reconstructive surgery inspired him back into product design. more


A unique piece of industrial design using 3D printing has enabled Kudu Studio to create the most accurate replica of the moon available on earth. more

13 Apr 2016 14:12 PERSONALIZE 1 Comments

Jonathan Rowley, Design Director at Digits2Widgets talks to TCT about exploiting the material capabilities of SLS and why 3D printing shouldn't be the selling point. more

6 Oct 2015 15:54 formnext powered by tct

London-based design studio Digits2Widgets tells TCT how 3D printing helped to capture the compexity of one of the most iconic examples of twentieth-century religious architecture. more

10 Aug 2015 12:23 News 2 Comments

The bureau, spawned out of Andrew Darwood's dental surgery,has come a long way since moving into their new Camden offices in June last year, so it was about time TCT paid them another visit. more

29 Jan 2014 14:14 News

Digits 2 Widgets

Digits 2 Widgets

Digits 2 Widgets are running a 3D printing exhibit as part of the festival and are giving you the chance to display your work. more

3 Aug 2013 14:51 PERSONALIZE

A feature on BBC's flagship breakfast show was quick to build up the 3D printing hype all the while unwittingly exposing the techs limitations. more

30 Jul 2013 17:03 PERSONALIZE

Zack Schildhorn Square

Lux Capital

Another key business leader has added his voice to the chorus that 3D printing could change everything. more

14 Jun 2013 11:31 News

Jonathan Rowley Digits2Widgets


Digits2Widgets wants to distance itself from the bureau and stoke a 3D printing community in Camden. TCT Magazine met the man at the helm Jonathan Rowley to learn more. more

17 May 2013 15:45 News

What does 2013 have in store for 3D printing pioneers Digits2Widgets? more

24 Jan 2013 09:00 PERSONALIZE