London's Natural History Museum collaborates with Voxeljet's Propshop to 3D scan and print rare dinosaur skeleton for scientific research. more

19 Feb 2015 14:57 News


Natural History Museum

As the UK mourns the loss of one of London's Natural History Museum's greatest attractions, Laura Griffiths asks if 3D printing might just be the thing to give Dippy the dinosaur a new lease of life. more

2 Feb 2015 11:28 News

50 feet tall dinosaur 3D printed with a Stratasys machine to demonstrate the possibilities of 3D printing living history. more

22 Aug 2014 11:27 News

Smithsonian Wright Flyer

Copyright: The Smithsonian Institute

The Smithsonian Institute is carrying out a mammoth project to capture its entire collection using 3D scanning. more

2 Jan 2014 11:08 Imaging