Researchers at Disney develop 3D printer capable of producing 3D objects with wireless connectivity and touch sensing. more

20 Apr 2015 11:00 PERSONALIZE

Disney Research in Zurich develop method of capturing hair for 3D printed figurines. more

15 Aug 2014 12:13 PERSONALIZE

The House of Mouse are taking 3D printing seriously as their Research labs continuously publish studies on how the technology could be implemented into the wider business. Here's a rundown of the projects thus far... more

15 Aug 2014 12:07 News

The BEEVERYCREATIVE is now standalone as a 3D Printer so we print Disney's Frozen comedy character Olaf without having to keep the laptop plugged in. more

29 Jul 2014 12:43 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

San Diego Comic-Con International attracts sum 130,000 visitors and 3D Systems think that they may be interested in some of their brands including the recently acquired Gentle Giant Ltd. more

22 Jul 2014 13:52 News

Big Hero 6 is the first Marvel comic book to get the Disney treatment since the acquisition, in the animated movie the hero uses CAD and 3D printing to manufacture his robot. more

27 May 2014 11:15 PERSONALIZE

At 16-inches tall the latest Star Wars 3D printed personal figurine is over half the size of actual Yoda! more

11 Apr 2014 15:12 PERSONALIZE

A 3D printing bureau have recreated the ghoulish mad scientist Dr Finkelstein using 3D scanning and printing. more

31 Oct 2013 11:00 PERSONALIZE