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Dan reports on DSM Somos Element material which is overcoming the challenges of SLA for investment casting to produce clean, smooth patterns. more

29 Dec 2017 14:00 PERSONALIZE

Shanghai Union Technology has agreed a partnership in principle with Somos to promote its stereolithography (SLA) materials and launched a new software option for its PILOT series. more

16 Nov 2017 16:22 formnext powered by tct


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New business will build on 20 years of additive manufacturing knowledge and wider materials expertise to support additional AM processes such as FDM. more

14 Nov 2017 09:20 formnext powered by tct

DSM enters partnership with Toyota Motorsport GmbH which will see the automotive firm benefit from its materials & technology. more

7 Nov 2017 15:43 News

Somos has partnered with 3D Hubs to enable customer access to accurate 3D printed tooling and moulds in quick-time. more

2 Oct 2017 15:15 News

At the Additive Manufacturing User Group 2017 Conference, DSM has launched a new material for high temperature 3D printing applications. more

20 Mar 2017 00:30 News

How the team behind the world's first hydrogen-electric racecar turned to Somos and 3D printing to gain a competitive edge. more

17 Mar 2017 14:00

Clive Coady, Product Manager at Somos, talks to TCT at RAPID about how the company is dedicated to providing high impact materials like the Element. more

18 May 2016 01:38 RAPID + TCT

Somos reports success in alpha testing phase for new 3SP series material and moves in beta mode. more

5 Apr 2016 21:56 News

The floor here at AMUG 2016 was opened up to grill some of the industry's leaders on the state of the market, innovation, training and much more. TCT was reporting live. more

5 Apr 2016 17:48 News

How surgeons at the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute are using Somos materials and Stratasys Direct Manufacturing 3D printing skills to improve heart surgery. more


DSM Somos on how Wehl&Partner are helping customers to bring products to market faster with additive manufacturing and PerFORM. more

24 Feb 2016 09:46 News

Somos launches new material for investment casting applications at formnext powered by tct. more

17 Nov 2015 08:42 formnext powered by tct

EnvisionTEC announces collaboration with world leader in development of 3D printing materials. more

22 Sep 2015 12:11 News

Specialising in 3D Printing systems that use MOVINGLight technology, Prodways is to collaborate with DSM to produce products suitable for their 365 nm DLP mobile machines designed for industrial applications. more

21 Nov 2014 17:56 News

After 15 years in the industry, DSM Somos talks Solid Imagining and 3D printing coming into fruition. more

17 Nov 2014 11:20 News

Whilst in Chicago for the TC Expo Aaron Boruch and Vince Adams of DSM Somos stand pointed me in the direction of an interesting project that they had been involved so I stopped by to look at they were so keen for me to see. more

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