Portland Rotary Club prosthetics Dom Rep

The Rotary Club of Portland, Maine has teamed up with e-NABLE to 3D print prosthetic arms for amputees in the Dominican Republic. more

17 May 2017 12:07 News



A young boy in Kuala Lumpur born without a fully developed right hand, is able to play with ease thanks to a 3D printed hand from e-NABLE and Materialise. more

11 Feb 2016 12:12 PERSONALIZE

Ultimaker shows perfect example of how the eNABLE community is changing the lives of people the world over with 3D printed prosthetic hands. more

14 Aug 2015 14:13 News

eNABLE teams with 3D printing community and groups to deliver largest donation of 3D printed hands across the globe. more

13 Aug 2015 12:11 News

e-NABLE Community Foundation partners with 3D Systems to deliver new design for open-source 3D printed prosthetic. more

12 Jun 2015 13:57 News

Crowd-sourced 3D printing community behind e-Nable recieves $600,000 grant from Google Impact Challenge to further development of 3D printed prosthetics. more

27 May 2015 11:12 News

University of Central Florida students help child through E-Nable network. more

13 Nov 2014 09:42 News

e-NABLE community gifts young boy with 3D printed elbow-driven e-NABLE arm. more

17 Oct 2014 15:09 News

Prsnlz highlights some of the achievements 3D printing has made in the development of assistive design and prosthetics. more

11 Aug 2014 16:51 PERSONALIZE

Jose Delgado Jr. talks us through both of his prosthetics and the benefits of each. more

22 Apr 2014 16:58 PERSONALIZE